Dua Bilquis Naz NICU

The neonatal mortality rate in Pakistan in 46/1000, which is the highest in the world. Even in a city like Karachi, government, private and charitable hospitals are unable to provide quality and affordable intensive care medical facilities to newborn. Dua Foundation has established a nursery in the centre of the city – at Bilquis Naz Medical Centre, where 10 incubators and 4 ventilators have been provided at a time.

The presence of a number of pediatricians and trained nursing staff ensures the quality of medical treatment being provided here. The daily cost of an incubator treatment per day in PKR 4000, whereas the charges of a ventilator are PKR 8000 per day.

In other hospitals of the city such facilities are charged at PKR 20,000 to PKP 40,000 per day. Those who cannot afford to bear the cost of these subsidized rates are facilitated treatment for their newborn through Zakat fund. No non-affording patient is refused treatment. In future we intend to provide free treatment to all newborns admitted to the nursery.