Goat Distribution in Tharparkar

The villagers in Tharparkar do not usually get sufficient food for breakfast. They usually take some tea and get busy with their routine. Around noon, they take lunch which usually comprises flat-bread made of wheat, salted lassi, with onion, garlic and chutney of red chili. Occasionally, some vegetable is made part of this humble lunch.

The dinner is no different. The people are so poor that they seldom have any meat. Goat milk is important for every Thari family as they use it to make tea and to prepare salted lassi.

Not every Thari is able to afford to buy more than one healthy goat which might cost around fifteen thousand rupees.

To each poor family that deserves Zakat, Dua Foundation gives away two goats to enable them to feed and sustain their children and to make tea and salted lassi for the whole family. The goats give birth to multiple kids which the villagers either keep or sell out to raise some money. The goat distribution programme continues the whole year round.