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Plantation Program

Trees are important, necessary, and valuable to our very existence. It’s not too hard to believe that without trees we humans would not exist on this beautiful planet. Unfortunately, our need for trees is more than ever. The rising trend in environmental, air, and noise pollutions is a matter of grave concern. Trees and forests play a vital role in ending pollution. There is a genuine need to enhance tree plantation and greenery in Pakistan to overcome rising pollution affecting the citizens. Issues of carbon emissions, global warming, and the rise in sea levels are the effects of forest cutting, and lack of interest in the plantation. While science and technology have provided us with many comforts, the consequent urbanization and industrialization have many undesired side effects which are continuously degrading the environment. Plantation of trees not only makes a city beautiful but also combats pollution and environmental degradation which ultimately creates impact on people health. Nation has a trust in youth to be a part of environmental protection campaigns. Many of cities especially Karachi have lost their vegetation and trees due to development and other multiple reasons. The plantation of new trees can contribute to a healthy environment, support restore biodiversity, and enhance health and hygiene conditions.

We believe that the participation of students in the activity of plantation provides them with deep learning and pride in serving. We support students in learning plantations and caring for them to survive. This activity supports the concept of an urban educational garden and adds up to the health security of students and the reduction of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

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