Water Projects in Tharparkar

Tharparkar is an arid and underdeveloped district of Sindh province. It comprises seven tehsils –Kaloi, Diplo, Mithi, Islamkot, Nangarparkar, Chachro and Dahli. Its economy depends on arid agriculture and animal husbandry. Because of the scarcity of rains, dry spells and drought hit the area every few years. Most of the estimated 1,500,000 inhabitants live in the indigenously designed straw huts. In the local dialect, the hut is called a Chaunra.

Submersible Pumps Installed on Water Wells

In Tharparkar, the water is mostly drawn from the wells 100-300 feet deep. Usually, animals such as donkey and camels are used to draw water. At times, several persons join hands to draw water from a well. To obtain a single bucket full of water, which is almost five gallons, much time and effort has to be utilized. Dua Foundation has solved this perennial problem by installing submersible water pumps and constructing water storage tank besides. In the villages having power supply hundreds of gallons of water can be obtained within minutes.

Hand Pumps Installed in Tharparkar

In tehsil of Kaloi and Diplo shallow hand pumps are being installed after making a 3-inch bore. The depth of water level is usually 50-100 feet.

Community Hand Pumps Installed in Tharparkar

In tehsils of Diplo, Mithi, Islamkot, Nangarparkar and Chahchro, community hand pumps are being installed after making a 4-inch bore. The depth of water level is usually 70-200 feet.

Installation of Solar Submersible Pumps

In villages of the desert district of Tharparkar that are still deprived of electricity, Dua Foundation carries out water boring projects with installation of solar submersible pumps. These projects also include installation of Solar Pannels & construction of water tanks for sufficient storage.

Life span of a Solar Panel is approx 20 years. In certain villages submersible pumps and solar panels are being installed in existing deep Wells. Installation of solar panels has greatly substantiated and facilitated water fetching from these Wells and made lives of the families all the more easy and relaxed

Wells Dug in Tehsil Dahli

Tehsil Dahli is the farthest tehsil of Tharparkar and it is close to Indian border. According to the recent census carried out in 2017, the population of the tehsil is 308,487. In most of the villages in the locality, there is no power supply. So water wells, usually 100-200 feet deep, have to be dug for the needs of the poor inhabitants.